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YICG Newsletter - May 2018 - Gita Vicara and Kalanjali
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YICG Newsletter for May, 2018
YICG Congratulates all its Graduating Students!!
Happy Mother's Day, May 13th
Last Month in Pictures!

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Upcoming Events
May  5th

Mother's Day Plant Sale
Please pick up your pre-ordered plants between 1-4 pm
May 12th

Gita Vicara 
Student Presentations from 1:00 pm
Graduation Ceremony from 2:00 pm
@ Herricks Middle School Auditorium
May 19th

 Save the date: Kalanjali Music & Dance Recitals
@ Herricks Middle School Auditorium
Our Members' Corner

For all the coffee and tea lovers, replace disposable cups by bringing your own cup to work. You too can make a difference!!

Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled.  They are the ones that never give up. 
                     -- Sharon Jaynes


Chanting Time...
         By Runi Ratnam

Well, it's almost that time.  Only another week before we get to chant in front of a YICG audience 
Harness Your Tongue 
         By Nazhat Cocker  

The Tongue is a small part of our anatomy. It is like a rudder of a ship, small and yet most fundamental 

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