Vedic Heritage

Vedic Heritage
Course Name: Vedic 1-6
Course Duration: Sept 2020-May 2021
Course Fee: See Course Details for fees
Course Description:
YICG~Gita Vicara Leadership Program Gr 7-12
Dear Parents & Friends,

It gives us a special thrill to announce the commitment to our flagship program with a name that captures its form and spirit.
The Gita Vicara Leadership Program(GVLP)
brings three components under one umbrella, to provide a focused vision.

We have our traditional Vedic Teachings(Vedic-6), continuously enhanced by methods that serve a contemporary focus.

Games for Seva is a strong commitment to work as service, creating tools and activities of value, while bringing people together to creatively contribute.

And finally Compass-108, newly named, to encompass all our leadership & entrepreneurial activities.

What better way to convey the connections than with short videos? So here goes! You will recognize many of the activities as our core program. What we have here is a strong, decisive vision of Commitment, with a Caring attitude and a Contributory spirit.
~Gita Vicara Leadership Program~

Gita Vicara Leadership Program
Gita Vicara Leadership Program

~Vedic Teachings~

Year Book collage video for Gita Vicara 2020
Year Book collage video for Vedic-6 Gita Vicara 2020 program

~Games for Seva~
2019 Presidential Awards Ceremony
2019 Presidential Awards Ceremony


LessonsInMentoring 1 SanjnaHarithaPreesha July2020
Lessons In Mentoring 1
Game Design Camp July 2020

Would you like to join this team? As a Mentor, Ambassador, Guide, Participant, all are welcome!

Your thoughts and comments mean a lot to us personally. So do hit the reply button and get involved. Share with friends and family. Our program has limited spots so reserve early.

Best Regards,
Rathi Raja
Introducing YICG~Vedic 2020 for Youth~Check Below!
Dear Fans of our Vedic Program,
We have put together a cornucopia of offerings within our traditional Vedic classes, combining the strengths of virtual teaching with the human connections of meeting up. See below for a pictorial of each level from Toddlers - Grade 7.  Grades 8-12 will follow in a separate email.

Our Hybrid program will continue to evolve as society opens up. Our dedicated, energized teachers have constructed a fun, meaningful and engaging curriculum designed to build character through a deep connection to our traditions and values.

Please use this link to register for the classes. We will send another link for payment, after the registration details are cross checked. All classes are $250 for 20 sessions. They will start on Sept 26th at 2 pm. Shloka Class is at 1 pm. The Zoom class link will be provided at a later date by the teacher.

Please fill this soon to help our teachers plan!

Please contact me with any questions. Best Wishes,
Raji Subramaniam, Vedic Program Director

Join Young Indian Culture Group, Inc. in sharing the beauty and glory of the Vedic tradition. Dial 1-516-739-1575 and or send an email to to know more.

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