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YICG Newsletter - December 2019
YICG Newsletter for December, 2019
Merry Christmas!
Upcoming Events
Basic 12 week Gujarati Language Class starting in January

Build A Novel Youth Adult Network - BANYAN
Volunteers needed
December 7th
Join wellness warriors at 1pm in the Cooking room for Air Fryer Bombay Street Food 
Beaded Jewelry Sale By Rekha 1-4p.m
 Book Club meets at 2p.m -The Moment of Lift
by Melinda Gates
December 14th
  Mast Music Holiday Concert
December 21st & 28th
Holiday Recess!! 
No classes on December 21st and 28th  
Our Members Corner
SERIES ON GANGA (YICG's Theme for the Year) 
by Jayanthi Krishnamurthy


भागीरथि सुखदायिनि मातस्तव जलमहिमा निगमे ख्यातः ।
नाहं जाने तव महिमानं पाहि कृपामयि मामज्ञानम् ॥२॥

Bhaagiirathi Sukha-Daayini Maatas-Tava Jala-Mahimaa Nigame Khyaatah |
Naaham Jaane Tava Mahimaanam Paahi Krpaamayi Maam-Ajnyaanam |

Meaning: According to Hindu mythology, Sagara was 

Deccan Enchiladas Recipe              By Madhu Allu

Enchilada Sauce Ingredients:
   Onions - pureed
   Tomatoes - pureed
   Coconut Milk
   Green Chilies

Keto Methi Muthiya Mahaan - M3 
             By Rathi Raja

   Flax Seed Meal - 1 cup
   Pumpkin Seed - 1 cup 
   Peanuts - 1/4 - 1/2 cup 
   Psylium Husk - 1-2 Tbsp

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