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YICG~Bollywood Dance 2020 for Youth~Check Details!
First Come First Served! Classes have limited spots!
Dear Bollywood Dance Stars,

What happens when Anisha, our beloved Bollywood teacher, along with Sanjana, who joined our teaching team last year pulling off an amazing virtual feat for Kalanjali,  convinced Stephanie, our star YICG graduate and Bollywood co-teacher to form a unique teaching team? A Blockbuster offering! Check out the Flyer & Teacher blurbs below!

Please use this link to register for the classes. We will send another link for payment, after the registration details are cross checked. Classes are $240 for 12 sessions. The classes are on Saturdays. Please check the timings below for the specifics. The Zoom class link will be provided at a later date by the teachers.

Please contact me with any questions. Best Wishes,
Jessey Vaithianathan - Bollywood Class Coordinator
About our Teaching Team & Coordinator

Anisha Jain (Kunnel)
Anisha has been a member of the YICG family for the past 20 years, since its early Shruti camp days. She is a former student of the Shloka, Hindi and Vedic Heritage classes, and graduated from the program in 2009. Her love for dance, kids, and all things Bollywood, coupled with her desire to stay actively involved in the growing YICG community, led her to return in 2016 as a Bollywood dance teacher. While Anisha's dance background is grounded in her classical training in bharatanatyam, she has had extensive exposure to Bollywood, Bhangra and various folk dance forms as well. She has spent the past 4 years running the kid's Bollywood 1-4 classes
Sanjana Reejsinghani
Sanjana learned Bollywood since the age of 2, Bhangra since the age of 16. She had the opportunity to compete in several National Competitions, judged local Dance Competitions, participated in local shows (Iifa Stomp, Vaisaki Melas, etc.) and assisted with Diwali at Times Square. She was on the board of organizers for Bollywood America, the national dance championship. She currently choreographs for special private events. She started working as theBollywood teacher in YICG September 2019
Stephanie Benedictus
Stephanie has been a part of YICG since she was 6 years old. She was a student of Shloka, Vedic, and Bollywood. She began volunteering for YICG as a sophomore and wanted to stay connected to the Bollywood community. She volunteered as a helper for the Bollywood classes and progressed to assistant Bollywood teacher and then co-teacher. Stephanie loves to work with kids and give back to her community. She attends University of Connecticut and is very excited to be back in the Bollywood world!

Jessey Vaithianathan - Program Coordinator
Jessey have been involved with YICG for the past 13 years. She started as a volunteer of YICG by participating in Banyan and taking care of the front desk. Her love for serving the community led her to become an Event photographer, faculty(Coding Class) and a Bollywood dance program coordinator. Her focus is to be a part of building a healthy and sustainable YICG community

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Classes are held Online on Saturdays.
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