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YICG~Thamizh 2020 for Youth
Dear Friends of Thamizh Language & Culture,
We are so happy to announce our double commitment, with distinct components, as outlined in the flyer below.  
Students will be exposed to Thamizh culture and  our teachers will have their innovative caps on to come up with a theme to showcase our kids' talent on Thamizh day.  New students will be taught to identify, read, and write words, and short sentences using the Thamizh alphabet. Continuing students will follow ATA/TN Government curriculum to enhance their reading, writing, and conversational skills. See Flyer below for details.
Our classes all start from Sept 26th. Individual classes may start at a different time/date, and you will be informed.

Please use this link to register for the classes. We will send another link for payment, after the registration details are cross checked. The class timings are in the form.  The Zoom class link will be provided at a later date by the teachers.
501(c)3 id 11-3256075
Classes are held Online on Saturdays.
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