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Adult Gita Class- Bhagavad Gita Ch 18 Teachings start Sept 26th 1 pm

Dear Friends,

Chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita is the last chapter and the longest one.

It has poetry, instructions, encomiums, teachings, principles for living, checklists for ethics and above all a strong sense of hope that you can do it.

Arjuna asks his perennial question on the nature of renunciation and Bhagavan Krishna, as always, answers with purpose and understanding. He reaches his hand towards Arjuna, meeting him where he stands, as a metaphor for the shower of grace available to us, all the time, wherever we are, in whatever state of being we find ourselves in.

Join us in class for a shared journey where we start at the beginning and get to the end, where we can understand Arjuna, when he says at the end - 'O Infallible one, by your grace my illusion has been dispelled, and I am situated in knowledge. I am now free from doubts, and I shall act according to your instructions.'*

Our Class will have the components below
1. Saturday Sessions from 1-2 pm starting Sept 26th
2. Meditation Retreats in November & March
3. Periodic meetings inperson based on hosts' schedule
4. Weekly (during the week) 30 minute Gita Chanting (Ch. 18) Sessions - Call and Repeat. Oct - April
5. Journal Writing for personal growth and reflective notes

Looking forward to seeing you ! You will receive a Zoom link after you register.
We will move towards an in person class as the COVID environment improves.

Rathi Raja
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
501(c)3 id 11-3256075
Classes are held Online on Saturdays.
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