Bollywood Dance Teacher

Learn Popular Dance Routines under Our Bollywood Dance Teacher

Learn the most current Bollywood dance routines under an experienced Bollywood dance teacher at YICG in New York. Students from the Queens and Long Island communities in NYC can benefit from the dance classes for children and adults. Bollywood dance is a hit worldwide and incorporates styles from Western popular, Indian folk, kathak, jazz, and other dance styles.

The teacher is an experienced professional from Bollywood Performing Arts in Hicksville. She would teach a blend of Western and Indian dance steps, getting the students moving to lively dance music. Adults and children aged 4 and above from Long Island and Queens can join for the classes.

About YICG

YICG is a not-for-profit undertakings founded in 1993 by Rathi Raja to help Asian Indians in the NYC area know about the spiritual and cultural roots of India. A team of directors including Rathi Raja herself, Tanuja Reddy, and Latha Desika manage the academy’s programs.

Bollywood Dance Classes

for Beginners and Experts

Course Name: Bollywood Dance
Course Duration: 25 sessions
Age/Grade: Children 4 years and above, and adults
Course Fee: Call or e-mail for details
Course Description: Our Bollywood dance teacher has something for both the beginners and those looking to take it to the higher level. The fun-filled classes would have contagious dance steps, and facial expressions to go with them. The students would find themselves equipped to participate in competitions or appear for dance exams.

Dial 1-516-739-1575 or send an email to to register for Bollywood dance classes under our talented Bollywood dance teacher.

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