Deepika Modi
Deepika Modi

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Deepika Modi is a yoga teacher at YICG (Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.). She handles yoga classes that benefit students from Long Island and Queens in New York. The Yoga classes instill a sense of happiness, inner peace, and vitality in the students.

“Yoga,” a Sanskrit term, translates to “union.” The different postures and breathing techniques that constitute yoga make the yogi aware of the link between our mental, physical, and emotional levels. Yoga helps to strengthen the body to help in effective combating of stress, lethargy, and fatigue.

About YICG

Yoga Teacher

In the words of Deepika and Sunil Modi, “Lord Krishna practiced Yoga and taught all the theory behind Yoga in the Bhagavad-Gita. Lord Rama also practiced Yoga as mentioned in the epic Ramayana. So should we for health, inner happiness and spiritual growth.” Deepika Modi considers herself a lifelong student of yoga. She has been lucky enough to learn yoga under some of the greatest Indian sages and saints. Just like her teachers, gurus, and mentors, she regards yoga as inseparable from and synonymous with Hinduism. She uses her abilities as a yoga teacher to help Indian youth in New York establish a connection with their ancient Indian culture. The following form an integral part of her yoga classes

  • Yoga Theory
  • Yoga Asanas
  • Yoga Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)
  • Yoga Meditation (Dhyana)
  • Improving Flexibility, Balance, and Strength
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For further information on the yoga classes in NYC handled by Deepika Modi or to join these classes, dial 1-516-739-1575 or send an email to

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