Lalitha Badrinath

Ms. Lalitha Badrinath heads the department of Carnatic music at YICG (Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.) which serves the communities of Long Island and Queens in NYC. She has received fame and recognition as an accomplished Carnatic music teacher and Tamil poet. As a leading exponent in South Indian classical music, her commitment to work has earned her respect and praise from disciples and parents alike. She assesses the potential and talent of each of her students and works on weaknesses to reinforce their talent.

Lalitha Badrinath’s

Musical Career

Ms. Badrinath started to learn Carnatic music from the tender age of five. Apart from having performed throughout India over a span of 30 years, she has more than 25 years of teaching experience to her credit. Her music aired on the U.S. and India based radio stations including the Mangalore Radio Station has been a source of inspiration to many. Since 1998, aspiring singers of all age groups in New York have started from the basic and moved up to advanced levels under her tutelage.

Carnatic Music

for Beginners to Advanced Learners

As a dedicated music teacher, Lalitha Badrinath promotes a systematic approach of learning South Indian classical music. Beginners are taught the fundamental concepts of Carnatic music which comprise raagas, thalas and geethams. They would also practice the vocal technique of modulating the tone as well as the range of their voice. Based on the level of proficiency, intermediate and advanced learners would learn more about the beautifully expressive varnams, keerthanas, alapana, neraval and swaras.

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