Malini Srinivasan

Dance Teacher in New York City

Malini Srinivasan heads the department of Bharatanatyam at YICG (Young Indian Culture Group, Inc.), a not-for-profit Academy for Asian Indians in the Long Island and Queens areas of New York. She is a talented Bharatanatyam performer and the disciple of Sri. C.V. Chandrasekhar, a well-known and respected Bharatanatyam dancer, academician, dance scholar, composer and choreographer. As a dedicated dance teacher, Ms. Srinivasan strictly adheres to the Kalakshetra tradition.

Achievements in Performing Arts

Apart from having choreographed solo and group Bharatanatyam pieces, Ms. Srinivasan has also performed with various groups including the Padmini Chettur Group, Ragamala, Rajika Puri & Dancers, and Thresh.

Ms. Malini Srinivasan has been recognized for her work as a third-generation classical dancer. She has received the following recognitions:

  • LPAC Lab 210, residency awarded by LaGuardia Performing Arts Center for Fall 2010
  • Dance in Queens Residency awarded by the Queens Museum of Art for Summer 2009
  • Grant from Queens Community Arts Fund in January 2010 for her new choreographic work, Siva’s Grief.
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from Malini Srinivasan

Disciples of Ms. Malini Srinivasan are trained to perfect and coordinate their movements in rhythm with the Carnatic music played in the backdrop. As students of Bharatanatyam, they are taught the significance of blending bhava, raga and taala. Ms. Srinivasan gives extensive training for perfecting hand gestures, facial expressions and executing different techniques flawlessly. Students under her guidance learn the basics and progress to advanced sequences.

Ms. Srinivasan trains her students to realize their full potential. She grooms them to become promising young artists and get recognition for their talent through stage performances.

For more details regarding Malini Srinivasan’s Bharatanatyam dance classes at YICG in New York City (NYC), call 1-516-739-1575 or send an email to


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